October 6, 2015 PD Luncheon



                                PD Luncheon

                                 October 6, 201

                               Speaker : LCol Nick Torrington-Smith

Commanding Officer

Department of National Defence

Topic -An Introduction to the Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre



Description:  The role of the Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre (CFEWC) is to deliver comprehensive technical electronic warfare support to the Canadian Armed Forces military operations.  As a joint EW centre, CFEWC strives to be the expert authority on technical EW and electronic intelligence (ELINT) matters within the CAF and leverages its diverse capabilities to be a dependable and productive partner within the CAF and the international military community.  This talk will introduce you to CFEWC and what the unit brings to the fight.




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Lieutenant Colonel Nick Torrington-Smith

LCol Torrington-Smith joined the military in 1990.  He graduated from RoyalRoadsMilitaryCollege in Victoria BC, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics in 1993. After completing his trades training at the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics, he was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood as the Telecommunication Services Officer in 1994.  He spent four years at 14 Wing in a number of roles including almost two years on and off as the Acting Wing Telecommunications Officer. In 1998, LCol Torrington-Smith was selected to attend Post Graduate Training at RMC and graduated with his Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering in May 2000.

After his holiday at RMC, LCol Torrington-Smith was posted to National Defence Headquarters in the Directorate of Aerospace Program Management (Radar and Communication Systems) as the Life Cycle Material Manager for the CAF inventory of meteorological equipment.  After a very brief two months as an LCMM, he then assumed the role of Air Defence Radar Supervisor where he managed the life cycle functions of all the Air Defence Radar systems in the Canadian Forces including the North Warning System, Canadian Coastal Radars and the Tactical Control Radars.

In 2002 LCol Torrington-Smith assumed command of the NATO Satellite Ground Terminal F-18 in Folly Lake Nova Scotia.  Promoted out of this command position, he was “forced” back to NDHQ and began work within the Directorate of Space Development in 2003.

For the next three years, LCol Torrington-Smith managed the Navigation Warfare program for the Canadian Armed Forces. This electronic warfare program was designed to protect Canadian and allied use of the GPS navigation system while denying its use to the adversary.

In 2006 LCol Torrington-Smith was posted to the Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre as the Network Operations and Security Officer responsible for the daily operation and security of the computer networks employed by the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence.  It was in this capacity that his interest in all things cyber was born.

In 2007, LCol Torrington-Smith was deployed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo as part of the Canadian Task Force supporting the United Nations Mission in the DRC.  During this six month tour, he was employed as the Eastern Division Information Operations Officer, responsible for the information operations conducted by four multinational brigades in the eastern part of the country.  





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